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Hearing Impaired Provision



We are a specialised provision that supports children from Foundation to Year 6 with a severe to profound hearing loss and have a statement or EHC Plan.

Children as young as two and a half can apply to attend our Hearing Impaired nursery.


We offer a Total Communication approach. This means that we communicate with children in their preferred mode of communication. Some children prefer Spoken English, some need SSE and some need BSL. We also use pictures and symbols for children where appropriate.


Children are placed where their needs can best be met. Some children work in the provision for the mornings, some all day and some children are able to go into mainstream classes full time.


All children receive regular support from our Specialist Speech and Language Therapists. How much support they receive is based on assessment of their needs.


Who are we?

Curriculum Manager- Sarah Jeffery

Outreach Manager – Clare Johnson

Teacher of the Deaf – Karen Clark

Teacher of the Deaf – Francesca Rose

Specialist Nursery Nurses – Chris Clarke and Mandie McGuire

BSL Tutor – Emma McAllister

We also have 13 Educational Communicators who support the children:

Chelsea Cowley

Sally Francis

Qadeer Haq

Donna Jarvis

Lesley Olde

Fiona Mayling

Jane Moxon

Sally Williams

Tanya Summerfield & Audiology Technician

Verna Tatt & Audiology Technician