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Pre-School Support


Hearing Impaired Pre-School & Primary Outreach

Teachers of the Deaf (ToD) use the Monitoring Protocol for Deaf babies as a tool to track development and report progress. This data is shared with parents and other professionals, used to take to Early Year Panel regarding placement of children into the HI Nursery at Icknield Primary, and as part of transitions into different settings. They help to provide targets that can be worked on with families and an adaptation of the Portage way of working is currently being developed. As different Nursery settings will also be visited this information also helps to inform IEP’s, application for statements and enables joint working.

Links with Community Audiology, ENT at L&D hospital and paediatricians at Edwin Lobo Centre are vital to the work of HIPPO. Reports are also shared between these agencies. A ToD attends community audiology clinics held at Liverpool Road and when requested developmental appointments at the Edwin Lobo centre. A pilot project is also underway so that an Urdu speaking audiologist visits targeted homes with a ToD to improve outcomes of hearing aid use. Currently no ToD attend the clinic at the L&D hospital due to the organisation of the clinic itself and the interim period before the new Lead consultant takes charge, but also due to lack of staff hours available. Joint visits may also occur with members of the ISCAN team or SaLT team depending on the needs of the child.