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Icknield Primary

Design & Technology

We want our children to be creative, innovative and inspired designers, who are not afraid to take risks and are confident to develop their understanding of progressive skills 

We will encourage the children to think creatively and become independent problem solvers within a range of contexts, so that they can develop their understanding of today's rapidly changing world. All the Design and Technology projects include an element of design, making and evaluating products. The children will have a range of opportunities to design and make projects within structures, mechanisms, textiles, electronics and cooking.  

Our teachers will guide and support our children through the necessary stages of design, making and evaluating a product towards a result that they are proud of. A clear progression document shows how children’s work becomes more advanced as they move further up the school and builds upon the skills already learnt. Not only do the children learn practical skills but they also learn the importance of aesthetic, social and environmental issues and industrial practices which enables them to evaluate the success of a product effectively. A balance of designer studies has also been incorporated into our Design and Technology curriculum to offer the children opportunities to see the real-life innovation that takes place in our society. We want our children to be inspired by the Design and Technology curriculum we offer to give them the confidence that one day they could be a designer of the future.