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Home Learning

Home Learning Pack  Home Learning Letter 

EYFS Website Links Why We Can't Hug EYFS Guide For Parents (PPT) EYFS Guide For Parents (PDF) 

Week 14

 EYFS Acitivities Week 14 

Butterfly Addition and Subtraction Butterfly Addition Measuring Caterpillars 

All about Me Bubbles All about Me Football All about Me Portrait My Favourite Memories Getting Ready For Year 1 

Graduation Cap Cap Template Graduation Certificate 

Sharing Picnic Speech and Thought Bubbles Sports Day Activities 1 Sports Day Activities 2 

Spread Your Winds Spreading My Wings Drawing Guide 

Stick Puppets The Cautious Caterpillar Story Map

Week 13

EYFS Acitivities Week 13 

Dino Number Bonds Ordinal Numbers Dino Patterns 

Dinosaur Measure 

Dino Action Game Dino Toss Game Dino Egg 

Dino Facts 

Volcano Experiment Volcano Cone Volcano Cross Section

 Week 12

EYFS Acitivities Week 12 

Measuring Snakes 2D Shape Animals i Spy and Count Subtract Jungle Time Connectives

Positional Language Rumble in The Jungle Words What Can You See in The Jungle Story Frame

Animal Fact Files Young Animal Game Young Animal Pictures 

Folding Zoo Animals Drawing Guide 

Week 11

 EYFS Acitivities Week 11 

2D Shapes 3D Shapes Numbers to 20 

Size Ordering 2D Shapes 

 Sea Creature Fact File Sea Creature Facts What Can You See 

Story Frame Morse Code How To Make a Periscope


Week 10

EYFS Acitivities Week 10

Bubble Jokes and Poems

Week 9 


EYFS Acitivities Week 9

Giant Loo Roll Rap How Much Money is in My Jar British Coins British Coins Mat Types of Rolling Paper Aeroplanes Postcard Template Toilet Roll Advert


Week 8 - Week Commencing 1 June 2020

EYFS Acitivities Week 8 

Aliens Love Underpants Pencil Control Pencil Control Path

Alien Addition Halving Alien Activity Order Planets by Size 

Story Words Pants Templates Moon Dough 

Rules Resources


Week 7

EYFS Acitivities Week 7 

Literacy Monday Literacy Tuesday & Wednesday Story Frame Tuesday and Wednesday Blank Story Frame

Week 6

EYFS Acitivities Week 6 

Zog Film Review Film Review Template Zog Puzzle

Dragon Game Princess Game 

Dragon Cone Character Fire Breathing Dragon Craft Shield Template Split Pin Knight

Week 5

EYFS Acitivities Week 5 

VE Day Activities How to Make a Paper Aeroplane

Week Four

EYFS Acitivities Week 4 

2D Shapes WK4 3D Shapes WK4 

Bear Hunt Colouring Pictures Bear Hunt Display Bear Hunt Story Plan Bear Hunt Word Mat 

Bear Songs

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Week 3 - wc 20-04-2020

EYFS Activities Week 3 

Planet Jigsaw 2D Shapes Space and Size Ordering  


Week Two

EYFS Activities Week  2

All About Farm Animals (ppt) All About Farm Animals (pdf)

Mothers and Young Matching Mothers and Young Pictures

Spring on the Farm 


 Week One

EYFS Activities Week 1 


 EYFS Help Guide


Please click here for the Read Write Inc Workshop (PDF),

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