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Icknield Primary


We want our children to become aware of and understand the world that we live in. We want them to develop a curiosity and fascination about our world and the people in it in terms of not only our location in the world, but also what life is like in different countries through learning about a wide range of topics over their years with us and using their imagination to investigate and delve into different parts of the world.


Throughout the school, the Earth’s key physical and human features of geography are studied and we strive to ensure that learning in lessons are both inquiry based and promote independence. Our curriculum enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable to other areas of the curriculum.


Geography is a time for children to learn about a range of different places and their localities. Children will explore the world around them through artefacts, different ranges of maps (including digital) and images. Children will learn to describe places through the studying of our local area of Luton, our capital city of London, our continent of Europe, all the way to the depths of South and North America and even subcontinents in the Far East. Our school boasts a range of different cultures in our staff and our children and we take every opportunity we can, to share experiences.  


It is also a time when children gain an understanding about their potential impact on the environment, the changes in landscapes, the different climate and the changes in weather both across locally and across the globe.